Worthy Horizons

In love we are enriched,
but what is love?
is it coercion?
or is it sharing?
a sharing of ourselves
heart to heart?
a sharing that gives,
that makes one grow,
Let's ask the children
about horizons.
Let's ask them about love.




Worthy Horizons

"With additional joys, benevolence should grow more diffusive,"* wrote Mary Baker Eddy, America's great religious leader of the 19th century. 

She appears to be justified. The world has far regressed in that respect. Isolated and self-centred, humanity steals from one another, financially and economically, even to the point that the entire world-financial and economic system teeters at the brink of disintegration while humanity faces the additional threat of extinction by nuclear war. 

Humanity has become so blinded in its self-isolation that black and white, fiction and reality, have become reversed, and the word "benevolence" is spoken no more.

*Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 58

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in the wide landscape of love

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