Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence is:
Violence against Love,
Violence against humanity,
Spousal abuse,
Marriage neglect,
A prison, in which a person is trapped into submission.
Domestic violence is:
that which society covers up
rather than faces up to
that it should determine to heal.
It is ugliness,
sanitized with excuses.
It is violence,
in words deeds, demands, expectations.
It is
a symptom
not the disease
unfolding from a deeper cause.
Love demands:
us to address this cause!
only then will the symptoms disappear.
Domestic violence,
is violence,
in many forms.
It is violence made domestic,
even violence by governments
against their nations.
It is violence by the rulers of the world,
against humanity.
It is violence by humanity,
against itself,
powered by lies.
Only when the lies end
love unfolds,
the ever present.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Domestic Violence...

is violence against those whom people profess to love, a paradox that cannot be resolved with band-aid solutions. It is an urgent issue that must urgently be resolved, because the same paradox exists within the marriage of a nation in the framework of its constitution and its government. Governmental violence against its own people is domestic violence on a larger scale, and so is the violence by the rulers of the world against humanity. Nuclear war, as all war, is 'domestic' violence on an infinite scale. 


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