Trapped Into Submission

In love we are enriched
love is the sovereign
the incomparable
it gives without demands
love owns no debt
it owns no bonds, no bounds
but unity
it does not rule
and as a sun
it does not confine
but brightens the world
that there be light
in love we are enriched
without it
no one is free
no one is
to just




Trapped Into Submission

For centuries humanity has been trapped into submission. It has been trapped to dance to the tune of the piper, to annihilate one another in war, to dance against its own will to the destruction of its very soul. 

Vietnam was not the target but a chosen sacrifice in a war in which our own humanity was the predetermined victim. 

Oh how we all dance to this music, tall and small. But we are free born, born in the face of the sun, sovereign by nature. Our dance should be in the flow of a symphony of good, of sharing joy, of healing our world with joy, of up-lifting one another in joy, of finding peace by joy. To enter into joy with love is the manifest destiny of all human beings, rather than being being trapped into submission.


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