.Spousal Neglect

In love we are rich
but can we live without it?
can love die and we go on living?
can we afford to close the door
on love?
to close the door on life?
the world?
towards each other as human beings?
and not love?
what would force us to neglect
force us not to live
not to cherish the brightest of life?
is it unchallenged poverty?




Spousal Neglect

What is the root of poverty? 

Three quarters of humanity lives out its life in poverty, half of that in squalor, and half of that in hunger and disease. 33,000 children die each single day of the causes of poverty, the causes of neglect, of our neglect, of the neglect of humanity.

 How much does humanity loose by neglect, how infinitely much? But, are we our brothers' keeper? No, we are our brothers brother, we are the keepers of the world, we are the guardians of the garden of life where living needs to be a joy, unmarried by poverty. 

The universal welfare of humanity is our care, one to one, as nation to nation.

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