Spousal Abuse

In love we are enriched
but when love fades
we loose the commitment to enrich one another
people become inventory
to be used at will
a resource for amusement
an object to vent anger on
a life to be thrown away
Oh, what is love
that so much depends on it?
over what worlds upon worlds does it reign?
If we could but love
how rich we would be!
as rich as we truly


Spousal Abuse - the ownership of a human being...

Love makes demands, but do we have the right to make demands in the name of love?

 If love is born by joy in the beauty of another, how can we ask for more? Yet we do ask and demand 'more' in countless ways. We "own" the one we love, betrothed to us to "have" and to "hold." Oh, how hard it is to but simply love, to enrich another asking nothing in return, to be born up by joy alone that reflects a rich truth. 

Freedom means not merely, to be free, but also to be free to love as love was defined in Gethsemane: "meeting no return, but still remaining love," our love enriching the world. 

In this we are enriched. Without it we are poor.


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