Sovereignty is freedom to be,
the open door
exploring infinity
to live in one's own way
exploring endless horizons
to live, to love
to feel, to laugh
to be secure
to explore one's potential
to develop one's world
to enrich humanity
to dance
but to no one's
to be bound
by the principle
of love

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Why do we need sovereignty? Why must a person or a nation be sovereign? It is because we are unique in our individuality? 

Not exactly. Sovereignty is not a right for one to do as one may please. It is the right to exist without domination. This right invalidates the 'rights of kings,' the self-assumed right to unlimited power to rule over humanity, such as has been claimed by "the Sovereign" kings, queens, priests, or emperors. 

Sovereignty belongs to the individual as a right for self-determination, self-discovery, self-development, a right to life and freedom to explore the world, the universe, and man. 

Sovereignty also belongs to the nations as a protection for its accomplishments, its self-development platforms, its industries. Sovereignty gives a nation the right to protect itself against predation, and it gives the individual the same right. 

These factors define sovereignty as the single most crucial element of civilization. This is also the reason why the very concept of sovereignty has been put on the fast track to be eliminated, in order to enable unbridled looting and domination by empires, governments, and kings, taking away humanity's bulwark for self-defence.

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