Humanity would not exist
without it.
It is a part of who we are.
It is a thing of life,
as dangerous and as exiting
as is life itself.
The danger of living is
that we face death,
the danger of sex is that we face its challenges
for as long as we live.
Who can escape?
Who would want to escape?
Of course, one can always pretend,
but why,
would one not move with its flow?

Rolf A. F. Witzsche



Nothing cuts deeper and is more covered up. By it society has become divided into two giant opposing camps. Sex has been the root for countless types of slavery, deprivation, persecution, and even execution. The law of Moses once demanded the death of a woman who stepped out of bounds. This brutality still lingers today in some cultures where the murder of a woman is deemed an honourable act if she "disgraced" her family, even by having been raped. 

But those crimes are small compared to the exploitation of sex for political scandals that are used as tools to alter vital policies to undermine the welfare of the whole of humanity. Obviously, none of these factors have anything to do with the real dimension of sex. 

Imagine that the world were suddenly radically altered, like for instance by a small nuclear holocaust in which many of the institutions became invalidated that have shaped society's perceptions about sex. One would have nothing left but one's honesty to respond to, acknowledging what is actually real.


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