Romantic Secrets

In the secret place of the Most High
is love
the secret is found in being
in love
in love we are enriched
a secret
that no one can betray
that no one can learn
that is hidden from the world
but is known by joy
in the beauty of another
where gold does not compare
where humanity finds
its own
in the secret place
of Love.



Romantic Secrets

In the secret place of the Most High is joy. Who can see it and know it? Love is joy in the beauty of another, but can anyone transform the world with love who has not been there? 

The dark secret places of this world are hell holes of conspiracies and manipulation in which the value of humanity is naught, in which humanity will not long survive. Thus there is a need to learn that which should not be a secret, the rapture of joy for life to be. 

There exists also a need to enrich one another's existence by means of an expanded unity among humanity, in order to assure our continued existence in a nuclear armed world. How fragile we are without unity and love!


Visit the living art garden 
of the invisible shapes that shape us
in the wide landscape of love

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