Poetry About Sex, Love, Romance, Being Free,
About Men, Women, Challenges, and Horizons


About the series of poems

Mountain Love

In obscurity from the visible world lies the world of emotions, the domain of sex, love, romance, a world where we dream of unity and of being free.

This world can be explored with poetry. Although poetry rarely goes far enough, it can help one to find new views. It can enrich the domain of previous explorations with new insights by which the cycle of discovery begins anew. With each step ahead ones world, therefore, becomes richer.

Such is the nature of exploring infinity. Luckily, infinity can never be fully attained. There can never be an end to moving ahead with new discoveries, with open eyes and a spirit of daring.

Infinity has the potential to be always new, to be always unfolding with new horizons beyond the horizons that we now see.