is promiscuity the whore of the Apocalypse
arrayed in scarlet and gold?
or is it a response to a need?
a gesture of mercy?
the motion of a human heart?
a spark of love?
the outcome
of being honest
with oneself?
a promise
to love?




How does one measure honesty when lies are enthroned? "In Lies We Trust!" is the watchword of this age as many say. How can one be honest with oneself then, when popular opinion tells one what the outcome of one's honesty must be? 

The poet said that love is joy in the beauty of another. Should this be suppressed as a crime for any of a thousand reasons? Perhaps the poet has seen more than what most people see. Perhaps the poet is more complete as a person to be able to love more and to love more freely, unencumbered, unbounded, out-flowing like the sun. We too, need to be more complete to love more completely, more freely.

Living in isolation is not security. The world is facing great dangers that come from centuries of isolation, from people having cut themselves off from their own humanity. We speak of civility, but deny unity, honesty, and sovereignty. Behind the facade of a sterile civility the greatest crimes are committed which break up nations with policies of divide, conquer, and rule. 

In this promiscuity to commit murder the nations are set against each other, even to be consumed in nuclear war. Here lies the promiscuity that gives the lie to our present peace built on 20,000 nuclear warheads as the guarantor of peace. 

That's when promiscuity becomes the doom of humanity, because of its inability to love. 


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