Natural Sovereignty

"Man" shall be:
the king of the sky
ruler over the earth
the sun on the horizon of life
the creator of world's
the hand that nurtures creation
male and female are we
each person, alive in its own heaven
or hell
bound to each other by the dynamics
of love
we will not be
or be ruled over
by will
by little minds
we are sovereign like the birds in the sky
a community of stars
in a universe that would be void





Natural Sovereignty

What shall our model be? Shall it be that of the sun, the light of which enriches the universe with brilliance and life from the bounty of its infinite energy within. This is the manifest destiny of sovereignty in every form. 

The opposite model is that of a black hole in space, the outcome of a collapsed star that generates so great a gravity that not the faintest trace of light escapes its inward pulling force, nor any planet, moon, or sun that comes within its reach. This is the dark model, the model of perverted sovereignty. This is also the destiny of humanity within the grasp of the rule of a singular "Sovereign," an empire or a king, by whose all-consuming gravity life becomes consumed.

However, this dark model defines not the natural state of mankind, but has been applied as an artificial perversion of the natural sovereignty where the love of humanity and all surrounding aspects from art to science to politics become drawn into the unnatural annihilating chasm of empire where nothing remains but a void.

This imperial perversion reflects not the reality of how the universe is organized. The universe is an intelligent construction.  The universe is not a cold lump of inert matter. There is not a single speck of matter in the entire universe. Modern discoveries in quantum physics reveal a universe that is a construction of fast-moving points of energy organized by a vast array of harmonizing principles that reflect an immensely intelligent underlying design. It makes no sense in this context to ask here what came first, the intelligence or the universe? The infinite Intelligence that constructs the universe is the Universe. Intelligence is its own sovereignty. Mankind, being a part of the universe, is a part of this all-harmonizing intelligence which is its own sovereignty. Thus, each person is sovereign. That's natural sovereignty. And the acknowledgement of this sovereignty begins with love for our humanity and is fulfilled by love.


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