Sovereignty in Marriage

Does marriage destroy sovereignty?
some political marriages do
Can the right to sovereignty
be lifted?
be taken away?
Can that which no one bestows
which too many give away
truly become lost?
Who is there alive
who can not have it?
that which no one bestows
is here for all
it is the color of humanity
the nature of the human soul
wherever one may be
to be claimed
to be respected
to be loved
it is the heart
of the beloved
in love





Sovereignty in Marriage

Is marriage a bond in which the most fundamental principle of civilization, the Principle of Universal Love, is set aside and be made null and void? Many would answer, yes. 

The reality is that the bond of marriage must be designed to elevate civilization, and not eliminate what supports it. It must be a bond that takes sovereignty a step further and thereby protects also the larger sphere. 

Here, the question must be asked, is marriage a boundary for affection? 

The answer may be gleamed from the nature of the union, which is fundamentally a platform of a community of principle. There is no marriage possible where there is no community of principle. This kind of union renders the marriage a sovereign bond and lot a limited bond, and thereby a protection within and without, promoting a person's unfolding affection by which human existence is universally enriched.

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