Love and Roses

In love we are enriched.
Its gentle beauty
is known by those
who seek





Where love and roses mingle...

There, we come closer to being touched by truth. The human being has been sadly down-graded in perceived value, so much so that people steal from each other, murder each other, destroy each other's world in wars. 

Except, is this the real face of humanity? The answer must be, NO! One of the brightest periods in human history, the Golden Renaissance, unfolded on the fundamental perception that the human being is made in the image of God. Take away the religious context in which this perception has been placed and the fact remains that the human being is the brightest star in the universe of life. The human being is beautiful, with astounding capacities and qualities, and is richly beautiful in its vast individuality. 

The human being deserves to be loved, appreciated, and honoured. Here is where its real beauty lies. People who love are beautiful. Our goal should be to enrich one another's existence with love, with love and roses, and more. 

Romantic writings, romance novels, even romance in science fiction all focus on this most beautiful element of our humanity. They focus on something that should be forever cherished. The only problem is that such writings often don't reach deep enough. Perhaps humanity has lost too much of its depth and needs to find itself again in its love as the threads of its love bind it to its humanity and to one-another. 

Visit the living art garden 
of the invisible shapes that shape us
in the wide landscape of love

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