Glory of Love

Based on a hymn



From glory unto glory,
Be this our joyous song;
From glory unto glory,
'Tis Love that leads us on;
As wider yet and wider,
The rising splendors glow,
What wisdom is revealed to us,
What freedom we may know.

The fullness of Love's blessing
Encompasseth our way;
The fullness of Love's promise
Crowns every dawning day;
The fullness of Love's glory
Is shining from above,
While more and more we learn to know
The fullness of Love's love.

From glory unto glory,
What great things Love hath done,
What wonders Love hath shown us,
What triumphs Love hath won.
From glory unto glory,
From strength to strength we go,
While grace for grace abundantly
Doth from Love's fullness flow. 

Visit the living art garden 
of the invisible shapes that shape us
in the wide landscape of love