Divine Love

Based on a hymn



Our God is Love, unchanging Love,
How could we ask for more?
Our prayer for Love's increase is vain;
It's infinite now as before.
Ask not the Lord with breath of praise
For more than we accept;
The open fount is free to all,
God's promises are kept.

Our God is Mind, the perfect Mind,
Intelligence divine;
Shall mortal man ask Him to change
His infinite design?
The heart that yearns for righteousness,
With longing unalloyed,
Is pure desire that is a prayer
That ne'er returneth void.

O loving Father, well we know
That words alone are vain,
That those who seek Thy will to do,
The true communion gain.
Then may our deeds, our love's desire
For growth in grace express,
That we may know how Love divine
Forever waits to bless.

Visit the living art garden 
of the invisible shapes that shape us
in the wide landscape of love