Daring Affairs

in love we are enriched
we face a door the world has shut
to love
some people dare
they face the door
they defy the world
which closed its doors to love
they test the principle
in loving
against all odds
and they
come out richer
for having dared
to love




Daring Affairs

The literature of the world is filled with vistas in which a peoples' honest response to love defies the rulers' will, and often even defies the gallows. Great operas have composed on this theme that will likely remain in the repertoire forever. We treasure those human dimensions of the struggles of love, and for love to stand against all odds and prevail. 

Not surprisingly social researchers tell us the same story, wrapped in the letter of their cold language of numerical statistics. There is one factor, however, that unites what both sources tell. One may call this factor our "community of principle." The wider union of hearts that a deceived society says should not be possible is in fact a timeless phenomenon that no custom or dogma has erased. The principle is universal love that is supported by an imperative that supersedes the prohibition of society of thousands of years standing, and often at great risk and cost. 

The honesty with oneself that powers the phenomenon of creating larger spheres of union draws frequently the most sensitive people into the sphere of universal love, in every field, including in the arts, politics, and science.  The timeless universality of this "community of principle" suggests that the axioms of society that keeps its union small may be faulty, and that this fault may have shielded society from what appears to be a vital element of its humanity and the strength of its civilization.

Shouldn't that cause some raised eyebrows?

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