Boundless Unity

Freedom to Love


In love we are one
one with those who love
but love builds no boundaries
no borders
confining affection is not the nature
of love
we alone build borders
we build them all
we build them in the name of love
but build
in love we are one
one with those who love
one with humanity
one with reality
a boundless marriage

In marriage people become one, but this "one" should be boundless
Rolf A. F. Witzsche

History tells us that marriages have not always been tightly enclosed spheres, that the model for confined marriages was artificially created. This means, that the confining model can be scrapped and be replaced with a more correct marriage model that opens the scene to a wider, even boundless marriage unity in which are bound to one-another primarily as human beings. Such a daring step with far reaching prospects presents rich and exciting possibilities. It opens the door to being honest with oneself, with unrestrained joy and the freedom to love, even one's boundless responding to a love that embraces the whole of humanity as the most beautiful and brightest star in the universe of life.

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