is AIDS the curse of God?
a man made plaque?
a fluke of nature?
the result of weakened populations?
or of bodily invasions?
Is AIDS a new disease?
a new face of war?
a victimizer of the living?
a punisher of the loving?
the creator of a world of peace
without a voice to mar
the silence?
who did create it?
what is the name of AIDS?
a weapon to eradicate humanity?
a weapon against love?
if so we can defeat
the weapon
for no weapon can
love, which we alone
can defeat
shut out of our life
but we will not
our will is to
and to live



Some say that AIDS was created as a weapon. Still no credible evidence exists to substantiate this charge. But did it occur naturally?

Two factors muddy the confusion. If AIDS had a natural source, why did it occur at precisely the time when the cries for global depopulation were the loudest around the world, cries that the earth is too full, that the "human herd" needs to be "culled" like so many cattle or sheep? Why do we also have the coincidence that the leaders of these cries were also the richest people in the world with sufficient means to fulfill their heart's desire, and of a class that derives its power from the poverty of others?

If all these things are true, why don't we regard AIDS as a weapon of war and react to it with the same resolve that one brings to bear against weapons of war? Aids can be defeated on this basis, can it not? Oh yes it can, because war cannot be defeated by fighting AGAINST war. It can only be defeated by the greatest power that mankind has, the threads of love that bind it to its humanity and to one-another. AIDS can be defeated on the same platform and none other

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